Super Duper Boxed Set


The Super Duper Boxed Set is one of my most experimental and personal projects to date. Super Duper's music has been described as 'future bass with atmospheric and electronic elements'—which is definitely an accurate representation. Being a fan of his music for many years meant that his tracks served as a soundtrack to my personal growth. The unique sound Super Duper makes, mixed with the personal connection meant I had to make something that took all of that into account.

My goal from the start was to create a physical piece that reflects the euphoric, ambiguous sound that defines his tracks.
The twelve tracks I selected for the set were reordered and arranged into three discs based on its overarching mood. The songs with a bit more angst and frustration were grouped into the first disc, Lost. The second disc, Outlook, eminatnes a theme of understanding previous hardships while also realizing the possibility of growth beyond past experiences. Lastly, Arrival, the final disc, is a selection of tracks that have the powerful spirit of coming to terms and flourishing into a definitive state of happiness and pride.
The album covers saw the most experimentation. In order to give the design of the album covers the desired ambiguity, I photographed the spectrum of the minidiscs, edited them and added the text, then printed out the covers and sprayed them with surface cleaner. The surface cleaner caused the ink to run and bleed, melting colors together and further blurring the clarity of what it originally was. Once the colors were ideal, I scanned them in and color graded once more to perfect the palette of each disc.
As a set, the album covers show a visual change from darkness to a light and euphoric ending—giving the listener this growth experience in audio and visuals.

The typeface selection echoes his music. Used for large headlines and titles, Sharp Grotesk matches the drama and power of Super Duper’s music. The most common description of his songs is calling them “big.” Sharp Grotesk resembles this impactful, large appearance. For body text and longer copy, Lora provides a hint to the elegance and delicateness in his tracks.
If Sharp Grotesk is the bass of the song, Lora represents the shimmering treble.
The booklet is an extension to this design system. The booklet serves as a background on Super Duper in an accordion style to allow for all pages to connect as one long spread. This decision was to mimic the experience of his music; starting off delicate and unsuspecting, then expanding out into a grand and dramatic journey. The booklet also uses more prism photographs of the minidiscs to complement the spectrum visuals.

The packaging was also designed to display this theme. A small black box with subtle 'Super Duper' on it opens up to an edge-to-edge prismatic print to frame all the elements nestled inside.